[Pdns-users] Sorting of DNS responses

Roland Schwingel Roland.Schwingel at onevision.com
Fri Apr 29 07:43:29 UTC 2011


I am using pdns 2.9.22 with ldap backend for many months now. It works 
very nice and without troubles.Thanks for this...
Maybe I am too dump to find this in the docu but I need to sort the 
responses of dns replies according to where the request comes from. 
Similar to the sortlist feature of bind.

I am using the authoritative pdns server without recursor at present in 5 
different networks (isolated from the internet) but  3 of them are 
connected to each other. Each subnet runs its own instance of pdns (and 
also a dhcp server hooked to the same LDAP). The LDAP itself is central. 
Only one (replicated) directory serving all subnets.

I now got a couple of hosts with more than one interface OR hosts 
(laptops) that are plugged once in this network and once into the other 
network. Those hosts have multiple DNS entries with adresses in each of 
allowed subnets for these hosts.

For example host "myhost" could have the following ip addresses:

When querying on a linux (or mac) box (via "host myhost") from subnet I get 
myhost.my.net has address
myhost.my.net has address
myhost.my.net has address
myhost.my.net has address

When I do a "ping myhost" from linux/mac it tries to ping, 
But the network is not reachable from the network. 
When querying from the network the should be 
first address replied.

When using bind I am able to solve this by sortlists. How can I do this 
with pdns and ldap backend?

Thanks for your help,

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