[Pdns-users] Status of the LDAP backend in 3.0 release

Udo Rader listudo at bestsolution.at
Sun Apr 3 21:44:56 UTC 2011


yes, I took a look on the issues and will put some work into fixing
them. From my POV #260 will be the first and most important thing to
deal with.

#317 looks trivial to fix, but as mentioned in the bug report, side
effect may exist.

Before promising something I can't keep: yes, I will give my best to fix
the issues above and if things go well, "it is not unlikely" that either
I myself or one of our developers will invest some more time into
enhancements, but one step after the other.

ETA for the fixes should be in during the coming week- hopefully :-) So
chances exist that the fixes can make it into the 3.0 release.


Udo Rader

PS.: please reply onlist only.

On 04/02/2011 01:07 PM, Nick Milas wrote:
> Hi Udo,
> I am contacting you off-list, as we are the main ones who care for the
> pdns ldap backend.
> Have you had a chance to see the issues?
> What do you think?
>    1. Would it be possible to resolve the most important ones (bugs)
>       before the 3.0 version? (Probably Issues 313 = 317 and 323 = 260.
>       Issue 298 has not been confirmed: AXFRs to zones using LDAP
>       backend generally work without problem. I haven't been able to
>       reproduce the error.)
>       And for 313=317 there is a suggested patch (which I couldn't
>       compile-in):
>       http://mailman.powerdns.com/pipermail/pdns-users/2010-September/007004.html
>    2. Would it be possible to put some time now or in the next months to
>       enhance features? (Probably mainly 318 (on which a discussion was
>       made here:
>       http://www.mail-archive.com/pdns-users@mailman.powerdns.com/msg03357.html
>       and I am confident that a solution can be found.)
> Please, will you be able to give us your opinion? Otherwise, we might
> need to start asap some initiative (as Angel suggested) to attract
> interest to the LDAP backend.
> If you have made some progress, it might be useful to inform the
> powerdns mailing list, so that they know to wait for these fixes, and
> include them in the daily builds and in the final 3.0 version.
> All the best,
> Nick
> On 28/3/2011 3:06 ΌΌ, Angel Bosch Mora wrote:
>> Help me, Udo Rader. You're my only hope
>>> Well, I promise, I won't vanish into the fog of war :-)
>>> In order to meet with some special requirements, I have already done
>>> some changes to the LDAP backend in the past, so the LDAP backend is
>>> not completely new to me. But as I said, I must first have a look at
>>> the open issues (which should be doable by the end of this week, given
>>> my timetable).
>>> Regards
>>> Udo Rader
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