[Pdns-users] bind as master, powerdns as slave

Mark Scholten mark at streamservice.nl
Sun Sep 5 08:43:07 UTC 2010

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>   I am completely new to pdns and in all honesty, dont have a lot of
> experience with bind because a majority of my systems have control
> panels that manage bind. I would like to setup my infrastructure so
> that
> my bind servers use my powerdns server as a slave, then i will just use
> mysql replication to setup additional slaves. I am having a hard time
> trying to find any information on what i need to change on the bind
> server and what needs to be configured on the pdns server to "listen"
> for changes from the bind servers. Can someone point me to a detailed
> howto or give me at least a better idea how to accomplish this?
> Also, i probably already know the answer to this, but if I made a
> change
> to pdns servers mysql database using a remote script, would the bind
> servers even be aware of the changes? Its not a requirement, but would
> be useful if they were. All my actual published nameservers are
> actually
> going to be the pdns/mysql slaves.
> Thanks for your time,
> Mark

Hello Mark,

It is easy to setup. First add the IPs of your BIND name servers to the
supermaster table (see the documentation about how to fill this table).
After that add the part below to your BIND configuration and restart BIND
(and check your logs).
        allow-transfer {<IP>;};
        also-notify {<IP>;};
        notify yes;

Depending on the number of domains it could take some time, but it shouldn't
take too much time.

Updates in the MySQL database on your PowerDNS name servers wouldn't be
transferred to your (hidden) master (BIND) name servers.

Good luck,

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