[Pdns-users] bind as master, powerdns as slave

Mark Chaney lists at macscr.com
Sat Sep 4 22:57:33 UTC 2010

  I am completely new to pdns and in all honesty, dont have a lot of 
experience with bind because a majority of my systems have control 
panels that manage bind. I would like to setup my infrastructure so that 
my bind servers use my powerdns server as a slave, then i will just use 
mysql replication to setup additional slaves. I am having a hard time 
trying to find any information on what i need to change on the bind 
server and what needs to be configured on the pdns server to "listen" 
for changes from the bind servers. Can someone point me to a detailed 
howto or give me at least a better idea how to accomplish this?

Also, i probably already know the answer to this, but if I made a change 
to pdns servers mysql database using a remote script, would the bind 
servers even be aware of the changes? Its not a requirement, but would 
be useful if they were. All my actual published nameservers are actually 
going to be the pdns/mysql slaves.

Thanks for your time,

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