[Pdns-users] Can a slave be a master (for other slaves) for the same zone?

Nikolaos Milas nmilas at admin.noa.gr
Mon Sep 27 16:52:23 UTC 2010


I would like to ask whether *a slave* for a zone "example.com", say (whose master - and the zone's primary master - is e.g., can be configured *at the same time* as  master for the 
same zone (example.com) with other slaves (e.g. & which would be configured as slaves of (slaves 
of a slave), provided that the backend supports master/slave functions. 
Is "also-notify" supported? (I see in the documentation release notes 
that "/Infrastructure for 'also-notify' statements added/", but does 
"also-notify" behave as in BIND9?)

For example, for the BIND backend, is it supported to have in named.conf 

    zone "example.com" {
        type slave;
    file "db.example.com";
        masters { };
        notify yes;
        also-notify {;; };

In BIND9, with this configuration, the slave would receive 
(NOTIFY - if supported by backend - and) AXFRs from but it would also send NOTIFY messages to and which are configured to have as a master, and it 
would also send AXFRs to them, even if they are not included in the 
zone's NS records (if the are, also-notify would not be needed). With 
this setup, would pdns on send such NOTIFY messages (and, 
subsequently, AXFRs) to and ?


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