[Pdns-users] pdns recursor 3.2 cname resolution phenomenon

Thomas Mieslinger thomas.mieslinger at 1und1.de
Mon Sep 20 05:32:51 UTC 2010


we're using pdns recursor for out company internal name resolution. We 
have some strange setups to support that can't easily be removed.

In some of our offical Zones are CNAMEs. The A records to these Names 
are in our internal Zones configured in forward.zones.

Getting the A records works fine. But when looking up a CNAME, the 
answer only contains the CNAME. The recursor seems not to try to resolve 
the CNAME answer again. Maybe this is because the CNAME containing 
answer has the NXDOMAIN Bit set.

Do you know any way to get pdns recursor to retry the cname resolution?

Thanks Thomas

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