[Pdns-users] Load balancing with authoritative server

Samuel DAVID samdav79 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 08:54:06 UTC 2010


I'll want to create a group of 3 authoritative server behind one load
balancer and one ip address.

3 PowerDNS server and Mysql backend.

Query from internet can be resolved by one or other server.

But this server can also be a slave server. If one of this 3 servers get the
notify from the primary, he will update is database but the other two server
will not be updated.

Maybe I can use a Mysql cluster to syncronization. But i have read that
mysql cluster need very good link between every bases.

you have to give me advice?

Is there some one on this mailing list who have already make this ? or
creating similar configuration.

thank for your help

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