[Pdns-users] DNS Filter and performance

wanda ramdan wandapdns at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 09:13:20 UTC 2010

Dear all

We are going to migrate from previous dns server to pdns. The requirement
with pdns is with DNS filtering, which mean all query from subscribers  to
porn site will redirect to one IP address. So far I have successfully insert
more than 700 thousand porn site to mysql db, query to porn site
successfully redirect to one ip addrees (wildcard active).

all query to non existing domain on mysql db will forward to pdns-recursor.
Currently we have more than 30000 subscriber and increasing, we are concern
about performance. the Issue is what are the best setting for the following

max-cache-entries= ?
max-mthreads= ?
max-packetcache-entries = ?
max-tcp-clients = ?
threads = ?

other challenge is, could pdns get query about 100k qps. Thank you.

Best regards

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