[Pdns-users] PowerDNS Monitoring and gathering Statistics

Brad Dameron Brad.Dameron at clearwire.com
Thu Nov 25 18:55:53 UTC 2010

We use Zenoss open source version. Then on the server I created a snmpd.local.conf file that has the following:

exec all-outqueries      /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats all-outqueries
exec cache-entries       /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats cache-entries
exec cache-hits          /opt/snmp-scripts/recursor_stats cache-hits

etc, etc.

The recursor_stats script is used for older version that are not fully multithreaded. Here is what it looks like:

#Pull pdns_recursor stats for use via Zenoss
#On the servers running pdns_recursor, we have four processes running, two for each
if [ -e $PIDFILEONE ]; then
        for PID in `cat $PIDFILEONE`; do
                PDNSCOUNTONE=`/usr/bin/rec_control --socket-dir=/var/run/recursor1/ --socket-pid=$PID get $1`
if [ -e $PDFILETWO ]; then
        for PID in `cat $PIDFILETWO`; do
                PDNSCOUNTTWO=`/usr/bin/rec_control --socket-dir=/var/run/recursor2/ --socket-pid=$PID get $1`

We run 2 daemons each with set with --fork so we have to do a count of all the daemons.

Then in Zenoss we use the OID of,, to pull these.


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> Hey,
>    I am running few PowerDNS Authoritative servers, and I was
> wondering how do you keep an eye on performance of your dns servers.
> Google gave me some solutions, but nothing satisfactory. I have been
> testing  DSC ( DNS Stats Collector ) , dnsmezzo and dns2db.
> DSC is a real pain to configure and get going.
> dnsmezzo is totally undocumented
> and dns2db is very heavy on the server. (The collector itself has been
> the cause of 80% iowait on the server)
>   Currently I am using cacti + RRD + mrtg for a few graphs
> (http://forums.cacti.net/about37716.html) . But I am looking for
> something better.
> Looking forward to some feeback.
> Gaurav Chaturvedi
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