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Frank Louwers frank at openminds.be
Wed Nov 10 15:29:43 UTC 2010

On 10 Nov 2010 wk 45, at 16:14, Atha Kouroussis wrote:

> Hi Nick,
> thank you for your quick answer!
> Obviously I didn't make myself clear in my email, since the second scenario we are contemplating, is very similar to what you described: one master backend, and then each pdns server each with its own slave backend. And I do see the advantages in robustness and performance of this type of scenario. MySQL replication (master-slave) is not an issue for us. We are battle seasoned on that front.
> What I can't really fit in this scenario is slave updates, unless having a dedicated pdns server talking to the master backend just for this purpose. Multiple slaves would require either master-master replication (not something we want to pursue) or multiple instances of pdns talking to the same master backend. Thanks for your help.

Atha, why would you need master-master?



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