[Pdns-users] pdns and default-ttl option

Derrik Pates demon at devrandom.net
Thu Nov 4 19:15:07 UTC 2010

On 11/4/10 12:47 PM, Dmitriy Lyfar wrote:
> I use pdns with own implemented backend. Queries which is not recognised
> by my backend are redirected to the
> pdns-recursor. I'd like to change TTL value for all queries and found
> default-ttl option which is equal to 3600 by default,
> I've changed that to 300, but there is no effect and I still see
> arbitrary TTLs in pdns answer:
> powerdns.com.        2596    IN    A
> Is there any way to have same TTL for all queries I redirected to
> recursor (in my backend I set up ttl manually, so no problem with
> queries which can be resolved by backend)? Thank you.

The TTL indicated in a recursor response tells how long the recursor 
intends to keep that particular cached record for. It counts down from 
the time it was last retrieved from the master. I don't think PowerDNS 
has a mechanism to override that. However, it is there for a reason.

Derrik Pates
demon at devrandom.net

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