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Steven Crandell steven.crandell at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 21:24:24 UTC 2010

If I'm understanding your need correctly, and if I'm understanding what it
would take for poweradmin to handle it, then this should be fairly

Therefore, I must assume I'm misunderstanding something!
; )

By way of a designing a logic straw man (that requires the fewest number of
changes possible), what would be wrong with this:

Ad a powerdns meta (lookup) table to store a parent  -> child domain
template system.
Adding a parent and child to this table would result in a one time
destruction of all records associated with the child domain and new set of
inserts (based on the existing parent records) to ensure the child domain
records match the parent domain.

That's the hardest part.

>From there, all that would have to happen is that when new set of records is
saved to a domain, a check against this template lookup table would need to
be done. If the host being modified is a parent, then additional
inserts/updates/deletes would be dynamically generated to effect the same
change in all child domains.  If the domain being changed is found to be a
child, then the update should be blocked in the front end, with a
recommendation that the changes be made on the parent domain or that the
parent/child relationship be removed before trying to updated the domain.

There are some other things that could be done to basically alias one domain
to another so that there really is only ever one set of records for a group
of domains but I think you'd have to get in and either tweak your pdns
queries or hand tweak your pdns db backend tables.

If the requirement is that poweradmin be able to abstract the entire process
then I'm going to stick with the first method I proposed.


Alternatively (and the more I think about it, the more i think this might be
even simpler)
Ad a meta table that

On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 7:39 AM, Mark Felder <feld at feld.me> wrote:

> On Tue, 02 Nov 2010 07:29:00 -0500, Steven Spencer <
> steven.spencer at kdsi.com> wrote:
>  So what you are looking for, in a nut shell, is a check box in the
>> PowerAdmin web interface that says link this A record (let's say) with the
>> value of the A record with domain B and include all the subsequent values
>> (IP, TTL, etc.)?
> No, we don't want to link single records. We need to link entire zones to
> be identical and stay identical if any changes are made.
> Regards,
> Mark
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