[Pdns-users] Acheiving 40,000 QPS

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Mon May 17 07:57:27 UTC 2010

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 03:23:21PM +0800, Lee Standen wrote:

> Thanks for that information, Bert.
> I had seen the documentation before... perhaps I should provide some more information.
> Here are the options I'm using at the moment (I've tried several values):
> -------------------------------------------------------
> disable-packetcache=no
> local-address=

It might be wise to set this to the actual address you are using, but this
will not impact performance.

> local-port=53
> max-cache-entries=4000000
> max-packetcache-entries=4000000

> single-socket=off

I'd remove this one.

> threads=8

4 might be better given your hardware. At 8, some scheduling infelicities
might pop up.

>   Percentage completed:  99.94%
>   Percentage lost:        0.06%
>   Queries per second:   12244.776377 qps

This is decidedly disappointing. Can you retry with threads=2 and threads=4?
Can you try a 'second run' with the same data? This can rule out certain

> I just double-checked the hardware and I've actually got 4 cores available, not 8 as I initially thought:

Is this real hardware or virtualized?

> Lastly, I'm using the amd64 deb from the powerdns web site on Ubuntu 10.04
> rather than building a new binary.  It was assumed that those binaries
> would be optimized, but if they're not, I'm happy to try building it
> myself.

They are pretty ok - the numbers I posted earlier are also from those debs.


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