[Pdns-users] Possible tcp listener issue

Simon Bedford sbedford at plus.net
Wed Jun 30 14:28:13 UTC 2010

Hi Christian,

We are running a mixture of Debian Etch and Debian Lenny, we get the source tarball from your website and have then been patching from the appropriate changeset and then creating a static .deb package.  the only thing we change in the process is the "SEMI=" flag in the rules file to static and also get rid of the distclean section for just a clean in the MAKE section, again in the rules file.

We have followed this process for quite a while now and the package seems to create OK and function well apart from the closing of the TCP connections.



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Brad, Josh,

I'm trying to reproduce the behaviour you see here, but fail to do so at this time.
Maybe you can give me more details about your environment, at least OS version, architecture, and any compile options you've used to build the binary (say, STATIC or LUA).
Also of interest would be the last SVN revision you've tried out.

If there is anything else you can think of which is special in your environment, please let me know of that, too.


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