[Pdns-users] Deleted DNS Records not Removing from Slave

Mark Scholten mark at streamservice.nl
Sat Jun 26 10:02:04 UTC 2010

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> Brandon Lee wrote:
> > We have 2 PDNS servers using the MySQL backend.  Both servers have
> their own MySQL database.  When inserting a DNS record, or making
> changes the record is updated by the slave server.  However, when a
> record is deleted, the record is not being deleted from the slave
> server.  Is there some additional configuration option that must be
> set, or is it not possible for the slave to delete records?
> AFAIK you'll need to manually remove the zone from the slave if your
> servers use independent database backends as I don't think there is a
> way for the master to notify slaves of a removed zone. Please correct
> me if I'm wrong.
> You can solve this by setting up replication or sharing the database if
> that's possible in your situation. I have a server which is a slave to
> multiple supermasters, so I'm kind of stuck with the same problem
> there.
I did write a small PHP script for that. It checks the master (based on the
IP listed in the MySQL database used by the slave) to see if a zone still
exists. It records it when it doesn't get a response containing the SOA
record (as I require the SOA record). It also records the reason (if known),
for example a time out is different compared to an "I don't know"/"doesn't
exist"/"recursion not allowed" response. After getting 3 times a response
saying the zone doesn't exist the zone is dropped on the slave. On request I
can share that PHP script with the community (it works using a cron on a
daily base).

> Nils.
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