[Pdns-users] Return code of pdns_control

Erik Ljungstrom Erik.Ljungstrom at dedipower.org
Mon Jun 21 16:31:23 UTC 2010


I've noticed that the pdns_control command returns 0 regardless of the outcome of the operation. It would be great if the return code would indicate that there was a problem.

For example:

$ pdns_control retrieve thisdoesntexist.com ; echo $?
Domain 'thisdoesntexist.com' unknown

$ pdns_control retrieve syntax error ; echo $?
syntax: retrieve domain

>From a scripting point of view, it would be mighty useful if the return code would be != 0 if there was a problem of some sort.

We're running pdns-2.9.22. Before I start digging through the source, is there any chance this will be changed in a future release?

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