[Pdns-users] Avoiding useless notifies

Christian Hofstaedtler ch at zeha.at
Tue Jul 27 07:21:27 UTC 2010

* Tonix (Antonio Nati) <tonix at interazioni.it> [100727 09:04]:
> Christian Hofstaedtler ha scritto:
> >* Tonix (Antonio Nati) <tonix at interazioni.it> [100725 22:41]:
> >>We have the following case, and we did not understand if this is
> >>normal of we are missing something in configuration.
> >>
> >>We have two local name servers, acting usually as masters and using
> >>replicated MySQL, and a remote autonomous NS, acting as slave (and
> >>being the unique IP allowed to make AXFR).
> >>
> >>When we define a "native" domain, no notify is sent to remote ns.
> >>When we define a "master" domain, three notifies are sent to all
> >>nameservers, but only the remote will sent an AXFR command.
> >>We feel two notifies sent to local nameservers to be useless.
> >>
> >>Is this normal? Can be avoided?
> >
> >pdns does not know anything about your MySQL replication, and it
> >does know next to nothing about the slaves you're using, except that
> >they are listed as NS records for your domain. It therefore must
> >send NOTIFYs to all nameservers. IIRC it even sends a NOTIFY to
> >itself, because it specifically does not know, which nameserver
> >instance "self" is.
> >
> >So yes, this is normal, and cannot be avoided currently.

> this is exactly what we supposed. Would it be fine to add a
> "native_nameservers=ip1,ip2" option to configuration, in order to
> avoid these notifies to local or native nameservers IP?

I guess this would be a valid approach. Naming it never-notify or
similar might make it more clear what it will do.


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