[Pdns-users] Avoiding useless notifies

Christian Hofstaedtler ch at zeha.at
Mon Jul 26 10:10:44 UTC 2010

* Tonix (Antonio Nati) <tonix at interazioni.it> [100725 22:41]:
> We have the following case, and we did not understand if this is
> normal of we are missing something in configuration.
> We have two local name servers, acting usually as masters and using
> replicated MySQL, and a remote autonomous NS, acting as slave (and
> being the unique IP allowed to make AXFR).
> When we define a "native" domain, no notify is sent to remote ns.
> When we define a "master" domain, three notifies are sent to all
> nameservers, but only the remote will sent an AXFR command.
> We feel two notifies sent to local nameservers to be useless.
> Is this normal? Can be avoided?

pdns does not know anything about your MySQL replication, and it
does know next to nothing about the slaves you're using, except that
they are listed as NS records for your domain. It therefore must
send NOTIFYs to all nameservers. IIRC it even sends a NOTIFY to
itself, because it specifically does not know, which nameserver
instance "self" is.

So yes, this is normal, and cannot be avoided currently.


christian hofstaedtler

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