[Pdns-users] nslookup weirdness

Udo Rader listudo at bestsolution.at
Thu Feb 18 22:16:02 UTC 2010

On 02/18/2010 03:00 PM, Curtis Maurand wrote:
> nslookup -type=ptr
> that also means you need a ptr record in your reverse zone.
> --Curtis
> of course I'm getting nothing, but nslookup is deprecated and may not
> work correctly any longer.

Don't worry, I do have PTR entries of course :-)

So I can only guess that this really must be some nslookup weirdness,
just strange that it happens  ...

% nslookup -type=ptr
;; Got recursion not available from, trying next server
Address:	  name = weird.example.com.

% nslookup
> set type=PTR
Address:	  name = weird.example.com.

Just strange that it happens both with nslookup from debian lenny and
Mandriva 2010.0.

I just tried with Centos 5.4 and there nslookup works ...

Quite a broken tool then, just was not aware that it was *so* broken ...

Udo Rader, CTO

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