[Pdns-users] pdns-recursor returning bad data intermittently

Sukh Khehra skhehra at proofpoint.com
Tue Feb 16 17:45:26 UTC 2010

I am running dig against the dns server that is configured to use
/etc/exports. So I know that dig itself will not look at /etc/exports
but dig is querying a pdns-recursor that is configured to do so.

So this past weekend, I have upgraded my pdns-recursor instances to and am still seeing the problem. The problem, again, is as

I have this in my /etc/hosts file:	smtp.mydomain.net. smtp

I have this in my powerdns config:


I have this in my zones.conf file

After a new pdns_recursor restart everything works perfectly. The
pdns_recursor returns "" for smtp.mydomain.net.

But after the TTL expires on the smtp.mydomain.net record, it starts
returning the information configured on the forwarders. So in other
words the /etc/hosts override is no longer honored.

Thanks everyone for your help/suggestions with this.


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Sukh Khehra wrote:

> Yes, I definitely have different data on those 2 servers and that's
> is being returned when I expect it to return the override value I have
> in /etc/hosts for smtp.
>	smtp.mydomain.net. smtp
> Is that not how it works?

When you run dig, you run a query against a DNS server and /etc/hosts is
not checked for that query.

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