[Pdns-users] Recursor / pdns installation help

Leen Besselink leen at consolejunkie.net
Wed Dec 22 00:27:32 UTC 2010

On 12/21/2010 09:09 PM, Patrick Coffin wrote:
> Leen,
> Thanks for the reply.  We are hosting 1000's of dns records so
> entering them in the forwards is not at option.
> I will take your advise to split the pdns and recursor to separate
> servers.
> Should I expect that if I move the pdns to a separate server that the
> looks up will work correctly with the information I have given?  I
> would move pdns back to port 53 and keep it connected to mysql for
> lookups.
> I would like it to be setup that recursor queries the pdns server and
> database if we are authoritative for the domain. Otherwise recursor
> should looks to the authoritative server for the answer.

If the pdns server is authoritive for the domain, every recursor in the
world will look at your pdns server when it want to ask about that
domain. Because the root and TLD will point them to your pdns server.

Thus so will your own recursor.

I suggest you set up a few domains in your recursor to point to your
pdns for the domains. The few domains you use internally (don't forget
your reverse DNS blocks).

Just in case you lose connectivity to the outside world and the external
root/TLD-servers can't be reached.

> Is there another resource that I can reference for this setup?  I
> believe I am just missing one or two pieces to get it working properly.

Well, I hope the above makes sense to you. Atleast if that is the setup
you want then it should not need any other configuration then what I
mentioned above.

> I appreciate the help!
> Thanks,
> Patrick

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