[Pdns-users] redirect a search for one site to another site

Morgan Osborne mk492 at gmx.com
Sat Dec 25 22:13:47 UTC 2010

PowerDNS version you are using?
Power DNS Authoritative Server Version 2.9.22

Operating system it is running on?

Where you got the binary from, ie did you compile it yourself (which compiler, including version), from your distribution or ports tree etc?
 Unbuntu auto download

What is going wrong?
I want to redirect a search for one site to another site and I'm unable to redirect a search for one site to another. More specific, and for example puposes I have two records.
The first is 'red.com' with a record type of 'CNAME' and content of 'blue.com' , then the second record is 'blue.com' with a record type of 'A' and the correct IP address of ''
So now when I do a http search for 'red.com' I get to the error site of '' and not all the way to the site of 'blue.com'

Then, now to confirm the second record is working properly, I am able to go directly by doing a http search for 'blue.com' and I do get all the way to 'blue.com' site. So I know thats working.

Given all of this, I suspect the problem is one of the following:

1. I am not inserting the records correctly, or using the wrong record types

 2. The CNAME does not send back to the http search the 'blue.com' name so when it gets to site '' it does not know what to look for (and is probably looking for 'red.com' instead of 'blue.com' and thats why I get the error page)

 3. I should not be using CNAME for a redirect, but some other record type

 4. or, the Aliases in the record is interrupting the search somehow on ''

What you did, or somebody else did, that causes things to go wrong?
n/a, Just need to figure it out.

What you expect to happen (many problems are in fact wrong expectations, and not bugs)?
Correct. I presume nothing is wrong at this point, except not know the correct record procedures.

*ANYTHING* else that might be relevant, like load balancers, strange hardware, firewall rules etc etc?
 No, nothing else.

 Thank you! I look forward to the feedback!
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