[Pdns-users] two addresses in the recursor= field (v4 and v6 address)

Wouter Prins wp at null0.nl
Thu Dec 23 21:29:36 UTC 2010

Hi list,

Just wanted to let you know i was trying to setup the ipv6 recursor
( in the following way:


This yields the following message when restarting (note the extra
:53), local-port has been set
Dec 23 21:17:09 ns0 pdns[26915]: DNS Proxy launched, local port 59127,

Later on i noticed that the recursor for v6 works fine over v4 and the
secondary v6 address entry wasnt needed at all.
I couldnt find much information about this on the documentation to be
honest (whether it was allowed to have two recursor addresses or not).

Maybe it's worth it to mention this in the manual?
Wouter Prins
wp at null0.nl

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