[Pdns-users] MySQL table columns

Christian Hofstaedtler ch at zeha.at
Thu Aug 12 06:25:53 UTC 2010

* Yves Goergen <nospam.list at unclassified.de> [100811 22:39]:
> Hello,
> Second question: Is there an overview available that describes what each
> of the database table columns is good for? There's example data but it
> doesn't use all columns. Some columns are used for internal purposes
> I've read, but I haven't found a comprehensive list of all supported
> columns and what PowerDNS expects to read from them. Especially for
> diverse record types. There's the one with half a dozen of numbers and I
> don't know what to put where and what they all mean. If possible, I'd
> like to create a database view to give those ugly numbers a name and to
> have a table that only contains the data I want to maintain.

Did you read this already?


christian hofstaedtler

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