[Pdns-users] anual AXFR works, automatic does not (txt-version)

Ton van Rosmalen ton at netbase.nl
Fri Aug 6 15:07:24 UTC 2010


LikeFiction schreef:
> Ok, I think I found the problem.  It's quite simple too.
> My zones are not changing very often. So, after my re-setup of NS2,
> and restart master-powerdns, the "notified-serial" and the first digit
> serial of "SOA" where the same. If notified-serial is smaller than
> SOA, only then PowerDNS will do an AXFR.
> So, indeed, after setting up a new/extra nameserver, to start the
> transfer, one should just run SQL:
> UPDATE domains set notified_serial=0
> and make sure that every SOA record is NOT 0. Then, PowerDNS will
> start notifying slaves.
> I think it might be a good idea for future versions of PowerDNS, to
> "force" updating all slaves when PowerDNS is started.
I wouldn't like this as default behaviour. Possibly something with an
option enabled for those users wishing this startup transfer.

>From the original message I understood that this happened when adding a
zone to the master-server.
When a slave has the same SOA as the master no transfers occurs, which
is the logical choice.
In our setup a zone-change triggers a new SOA which in turn leads to an
update to the slaves.

Only newly added domains need the explicit notify on the (n our case
hidden) master afaik.



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