[Pdns-users] pdns and Windows DNS integration

Vishal Uderani vishal.ud at directi.com
Sat Aug 21 18:30:45 UTC 2010

Hey , 

Ive managed to get a standalone installation of pdns
Authoritative server up and running with a mysql backend and poweradmin
interface . However , i havent found a single mention of a pdns
installation integrating with a Windows DNS Server . Let me elaborate
further : 

We have a bunch of devs who would like to create/modify/delete
records and zones in our internal DNS server (Active Directory Integrated)
without them having to access the server itself . so giving them an
interface that does the above made sense . My pdns installation is on Linux
. I came across the pdns-ldap backend but thats somehow not worked out for
me . After compiling with --with-modules="ldap" and making sure my
pdns.conf pointed to the correct basedn , i was unable to pull down any of
the zones from my Win DNS to my db . (assuming thats what it does) I would
really appreciate it if anyone could provide me any info or send me along
the correct track here . Awaiting your prompt response . -- 

Regards ,

Vishal Uderani 
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