[Pdns-users] wildcards and pipe backend

Fagyal Csongor concept at conceptonline.hu
Wed Sep 23 21:05:45 UTC 2009

> On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 10:17 PM, Fagyal Csongor
> <concept at conceptonline.hu> wrote:
>> The question is: if I know I have wildcard records, then I have to do a
>> wildcard query? Currently what I do is to first query non-wildcard records,
>> and if none is found, then I do a wildcard match. Is that correct? Do the
>> backend have to know about wilcrads at
> Backends should not do any thinking about wildcards, and only answer
> with a wildcard if queried for one explicitly.
Ooops, my bad. I had to set up "wildcard=yes" in the config.
>> I often get AXFR queries from pdns, which look like "AXFR 1".
>> What zone should I return in this case?
>> What I do now is to store the last domain queried, and when an AXFR is
>> received, I send out the zone according to that last domain. Is this
>> correct?
> You should be setting the 'zone ID' field in the answers your PIPE
> backend provides. The AXFR query you'll get is for that zone ID
> number. So make sure you have a unique number per zone.
Thanks, it makes sense. Looks like everything works :) I should go and 
blog my experiences now :D

BTW, just for the record: my original example was wrong - A records, not 
CNAME records, as I used IP-s there.

- Fagzal

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