[Pdns-users] Failsafe Replication

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at develooper.com
Sat Sep 12 06:55:26 UTC 2009

On Aug 24, 2009, at 19:44, Max Clark wrote:

> I have been evaluating alternate DNS topologies to our current
> configuration. Ideally I would prefer an architecture where the master
> is hidden, and that the public slaves can run independent without
> dependance on an external process (i.e. mysql).
> Initially I was under the impression that the supermaster would
> accomplish this for me, but based on the docs I've read it appears
> that the superslave requires a sql backend to function properly.

Hi Max,

The generic sqlite backend supports superslave operation and won't  
require an external process running.

That being said - using MySQL replication really is very nice  
operationally if you have some experience running mysql with  
replication.  For example:

  - It makes it easy to clean up old data
  - There are good tools for verifying the consistency of the data  
(maatkit's mk-table-checksum)
  - You can have replication happen over SSL
  - For large zones you'll only be transferring the changes rather  
than the full zone
  - There are lots of tools to monitor that MySQL replication is  
working properly
  - It's easy and fast to reload a failed replication slave with the  
master data

You are right that, of course, it does mean you need to keep one more  
process running; but to operate even a single purpose server you  
usually also need some set of sshd, ntpd, crond, some MTA, syslogd,  
some daemon to collect system statistics, etc etc.

  - ask

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