[Pdns-users] [Fwd: Re: Reliable supermaster setup - howto?]

Przemyslaw Wegrzyn czajnik at sitenet.pl
Fri Oct 23 20:11:44 UTC 2009

Ton van Rosmalen wrote:
>> I'm not sure if I understand things right - I'm talking about a
>> situation when I add a whole new zone to the master server, and I'd
>> like the slave server to add it automatically as well. The zone is not
>> yet configured on the slave, so it will not ask for that. It only asks
>> when notified by master. So the only way to make it reliable, I
>> suppose, is to repeat the notifications form master, until a
>> successful AXFR to slave occurs.
> In short, it doesn't. If the packet should get lost before the slave has
> the zone in its database it won't get retried until a 'pdns_control
> notify <domain>' is issued on the master.
It seems I'm convinced now, that database-level replication is way better :)
Thanks for the comment.


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