[Pdns-users] Reliable supermaster setup - howto?

Przemyslaw Wegrzyn czajnik at sitenet.pl
Fri Oct 23 13:17:01 UTC 2009

Kenneth Marshall wrote:
>> This leaves my initial  question unanswered - how does such setup recover 
>> from lost notifications from supermaster to slave?
>> As of PostgreSQL - my idea was to use PostgreSQL on master, and SQLite on 
>> slave, for simplicity, but that would render your patch useless, 
>> unfortunately. Where can I find the patch?
> The slave will check after the cache period times out. You could
> also run a tickle script to check that you do not have any stale
> zones.
I'm not sure if I understand things right - I'm talking about a 
situation when I add a whole new zone to the master server, and I'd like 
the slave server to add it automatically as well. The zone is not yet 
configured on the slave, so it will not ask for that. It only asks when 
notified by master. So the only way to make it reliable, I suppose, is 
to repeat the notifications form master, until a successful AXFR to 
slave occurs.
>  If you are using SQLite on the slaves, you will not need
> the patch. The way SQLite implements tables make the normal zone
> AXFR transfer process reasonably performant. It was PostgreSQL's 
> multi-version concurrancy that killed the performance when using
> a PostgreSQL backend.
Ah, clear now. Thanks. From the previous post I wasn't exactly sure what 
this patch is supposed to do.


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