[Pdns-users] RBL Anyone?

Curtis Maurand curtis at maurand.com
Thu Oct 15 15:53:25 UTC 2009

Thanks.  Much appreciated.

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I do this for emails, I run greylisting, and if I get >x attempts over  
2 days and no emails have passed from that ip for 2weeks, they get put  
on the rbl. If the reverse dns for that ip changes, or a year passes,  
they are removed. It seems to work very well for me. Originally it was  
designed to keep the load off the greylisting database, and is  
currently running around 1.3million ip's

Quoting Curtis Maurand <curtis at maurand.com>:

> so I'm assuming that my zone would be named something like rbl.mydomain.com
> and then each IP address that I would block would have an ip address  
> of
> insert into records (domain_id, name, type,  content)  values   
> ('<zone_id>',  '' , 'A', '')
> Is this correct?
> Its a given that I would periodically have to purge, but I'd rather  
> have the system check against the localhost, then zen.spamhaus.org,  
> then others.
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