[Pdns-users] monitoring changes to zones, frontend recommendations

Xavier Valentino xavier.valentino at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 09:59:33 UTC 2009

First off I want to thank everyone who helped previously regarding the ACLed
zone transfer problem I had earlier.

I have another question now -- assuming a multiuser PowerDNS setup where the
server I'm on is master, is there anything already in place to monitor
changes and, ideally, send an email once a day (kind of like the reporting
on FreeBSD etc) disclosing changes to either a particular zone file or to
the collective mass of zones?  If I add people to my PowerDNSAdmin setup,
I'd like to be notified It was easy to send diffs of a zone file with BIND9,
but now that MySQL is added into the equation it's a little bit more
difficult. My initial approach would be to dump the database and send diffs
with a crontabbed script; this approach seems a little messy to me if there
are alternatives.

I also see a PowerDNSAdmin alternative called TUPA; does anyone have any
thoughts on the comparison between the two, or suggestions of another
web-based frontend (more) suitable for users?

Thanks again.
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