[Pdns-users] Re: Supermaster without NS records

Lee Huffman lee at shiftedlabs.com
Thu May 14 14:29:35 UTC 2009

It looks like I may have been incorrect. Things blew up on me last night 
after I switched everything over. Our shared hosting server is sending 
notifies properly..

named[12308]: zone X.com/IN/external: sending notifies (serial 2009032809)

But on ns1 I'm seeing the following..

pdns[2365]: Received NOTIFY for X.com from X.201.44.3 which is not a master

Yet our shared hosting machine is listed in the supermasters table..

mysql> select * from pdns.supermasters;
| ip          | nameserver          | account |
| X.201.44.3 | X.com | NULL    |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Any ideas why this would be taking place? I'm really at a loss as to 
where I've gone wrong at this point.

Lee Huffman wrote:
> Gah - Looks like I was able to drop our name server's hostname into 
> the table and have it work properly. I figured pdns wanted the names 
> to resolve to the IP provided in the supermasters table - but that 
> wasn't required.
> Thanks!
> Lee Huffman wrote:
>> Hello users,
>> We are operating a shared hosting server and attempting to setup two 
>> separate authoritative name servers. We chose PowerDNS for this 
>> because of the supermaster functionality. The plan was to have our 
>> shared hosting server (running BIND) set as a supermaster on ns1 
>> (PowerDNS), so when changes were made there, they would be replicated 
>> to our actual authoritative servers (ns1 & ns2 - that are defined in 
>> the SOA + NS records for each zone). Something like the following...
>> [ SHARED SERVER ] -- (master) ------------- (slave) --> [ NS1 ] -- 
>> (master) ------------- (slave) --> [ NS2 ]
>> I have BIND sending notifies to ns1, but ns1 is throwing the 
>> following error for each domain..
>> Received NOTIFY for domain.com from for which we are not 
>> authoritative
>> Unable to find backend willing to host domain.com for potential 
>> supermaster
>> I believe this is because our shared server is not listed in the zone 
>> files anywhere (namely the NS records as mentioned in the supermaster 
>> section of the manual). Is there any way around this? This would work 
>> _perfectly_ if I could just get around the NS record requirement for 
>> supermasters.
>> Thanks in advance!

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