[Pdns-users] zone2sql and start-id

Maysara A. Abdulhaq maysara.abdulhaq at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 08:51:56 UTC 2009


I wanted to use zone2sql to append chunks of zones to existing domains, i
noticed that when running :

zone2sql --start-id=10 --zone=/home/user/testzone.zone

the domain_id starts at -1, taking a look at the code, this happens around
line 293 :

dirty_hack_num=-1; // trigger first SOA output

i believe this is not the desired behavior, if i do not have a complete
zone, and i want to generate queries that fit to the zone i know the id of
... i do not seem to be able to do it unless commenting the above line, but
this would probably break something else ... no? (starting zones at id 0
when encoutering SOA) ?

so is there a need for a new option ? something like --force-domain-id ? i
belive the current behaviour is incorrect, and that start-id should be used
even for single zone files, and 0 or -1 should not be used unless start-id
was not specified. and no need for new option. correct?

Maysara A. A.
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