[Pdns-users] Resolving external cname's

Alexandre NEY aney at blueacacia.com
Mon Jul 6 07:47:09 UTC 2009

Hello Steve and thank you for your answer.


Unfortunately, this change in the config does not solve my problem, i still
get a NXDOMAIN answer when i query a A entry which points towards an
external CNAME.




De : Steve M [mailto:shmick at gmail.com] 
Envoyé : samedi 4 juillet 2009 04:25
À : Alexandre NEY
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Add "root-referral=lean" to your pdns config file.

On Fri, Jul 3, 2009 at 12:16 PM, Alexandre NEY <aney at blueacacia.com> wrote:

Hello pdns users :)

I'm sorry to redig this problem but doesn't anyone resolve external CNAME's
here ?


seems to have the same problem but I did configure my recursor and when
querying directly the CNAME i get an answer.

I have just tried with Microsoft DNS and BIND and I don't experience this
behavior, only with PDNS.

I'd really like to use pdns instead of bloatted bind but not being able to
resolve external cname's is a real show stopper for us.

Any advice anyone ?

Thanks !


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De : Alexandre NEY
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Objet : RE: Resolving external cname's

Hello Simon,

It was actually pointing towards CNAME (we used www.google.com for our
tests) but even with a A field we have the same problem.

So we have something like this :

www3.example.com CNAME something-else.com
something-else.com A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Thanks !

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> > We have been trying to use power dns as our main DNS but we
> are having a few problems with CNAMES. It seems we can't
> resolve the external ones no matter what we try. It seems a
> little weird to me that such a famous DNS won't do such a
> simple thing so i can only imagine this is a configuration
> problem on our side :
> www.example.com A
> www2.example.com CNAME www.example.com
> www3.example.com CNAME www.somwhere-else.com
> www ---> works
> www2 --> works
> www3 --> host not found

Is www.somewhere-else.com a CNAME as well? We experienced an issue with a
CNAME pointing to a CNAME not functioning - I am not sure if this is by
design and due to rfc's but took us a short while to figure out and may
assist you as well.

With best wishes


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