[Pdns-users] Does PowerDNS need the '.' domain?

Arjan Schrijver arjan at anymore.nl
Wed Jan 28 18:21:38 UTC 2009

Hi list,

After some complaints that our DNS server was not answering all 
questions correctly, we found out that our PowerDNS installation thinks 
it's authoritative for the root '.' domain. The domain has domain_id 1, 
so my guess is that it has been added by the PowerDNS installation. The 
problem seems to be that this copy of the root domain is not entirely up 
to date. Two of the root servers have changed ip addresses since we 
first installed PowerDNS.
Can someone explain whether the root domain is needed in our database, 
and why? Should it be updated or can I just remove it?
Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
Arjan Schrijver

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