[Pdns-users] OT: "Registering" a name server

JK E-Lists jklists at ifm-services.com
Wed Jan 28 16:21:44 UTC 2009

First of all, many kudos for PDNS. A name server that doesn't require you to be an Einstein to run! 

Second of all, I apologize because this is only remotely related to PDNS, but because I'm not a DNS expert I'm pulling my hair out. I've been searching for almost three hours for an answer. 

I'm looking for the right place to look for an answer. 

1) I have a domain (inn0vate.com) for internal R&D, registered through a regional ISP some years ago. 

2) The regional ISP handles DNS for this domain. 

3) I created two test name servers with PDNS (ns1.inn0vate.com, ns2.inn0vate.com). 

4) The regional ISP created DNS entries for the two name servers. 

4a) I can use dig to use the name servers, e.g. 
$ dig @ns1.inn0vate.com test.com

5) I registered a scratch domain at GoDaddy. 

6) I put my name servers in GoDaddy.

7) It complains that my name servers are not "registered". 
See screen snapshot at http://www.ifm-services.com/tmp/godaddy-ns.jpg

8) After almost three hours of searching I cannot figure this out. 

Again, I apologize for such an off-topic n00b question. 

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