[Pdns-users] Problems with domain XFR after certain TXT records added

Ton van Rosmalen ton at netbase.nl
Tue Feb 24 16:03:44 UTC 2009

Hi Jason,

Jason Weber schreef:
> I have a customer that recently requested a TXT record to be added to
> their zone and our NOC staff obliged, however it was noticed that
> after that record was put in place domain transfers would no longer go
> through. I have included the record data below for troubleshooting
> purposes as well as responses I am getting when the record is put in
> place.
> Record data is : "k=rsa\;
> p=MFwwDQYJKoZIhvcNAQEBBQADSwAwSAJBANN7f35vhf6vGk1OuqKwe1Dq0l2jg+b8LP0cGBlL8jvtHjLJ0eWB8lvbEyOgcrS0rcLZV0GIYolzhGA/q2B7N50CAwEAAQ=="
Have you tried 'query-logging=yes', if so does it contain any hints in
the logfile with regard to the failure of the query?
My first guess is, when you're using a sql-bases backend, the ';' might
trigger something when executing query.



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