[Pdns-users] Round robin DNS

Simon McCartney simon at mccartney.ie
Mon Feb 2 12:21:26 UTC 2009

On 2/2/09 09:56, Sean Boran wrote:
> The mysql backend is great and is the main reason for the move.
> The idea is that if one does an "nslookup proxy.mydomain", each time a
> different answer is given back from a list of IP addresses.
> This allows loading sharing and a limited failover.

We're using pdns to provide weighted round robin (WRR) with a MySQL 
backend (replicating round the DNS servers)

You could have your control system alter the weight or number of servers 
available for a certain A record (based on load/availability) and PDNS 
expose this to the world.

Here's how we got WRR to work:




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