[Pdns-users] Round robin DNS

Sean Boran sean at boran.com
Mon Feb 2 09:56:45 UTC 2009


I'm evaluating pdns to replace a few bind servers that have been running for
years on Solaris.
The mysql backend is great and is the main reason for the move.

Once feature I need is a way of doing round-robin DNS, I searched and found
this discussion:

but the "rrhelper" that is referenced is not to be found.

The idea is that if one does an "nslookup proxy.mydomain", each time a
different answer is given back from a list of IP addresses.
This allows loading sharing and a limited failover.

Am I right in saying that there is no support for this, but one would write
a script that checks for some failover conditional (e.g. one of my proxies
down), and then updated the "proxy" A record in pds via an SQL update?

Thanks in advance,

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