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Kenneth Kalmer kenneth.kalmer at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 12:50:32 UTC 2009

This one is to the list, other reply was in private, my apologies...

On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 11:18 AM, Sean Boran <sean at boran.com> wrote:

> Some more feedback,
> a) When editing a domain "notes", I got "RJS Error: Type Error: element is
> null", but it still save the text I added, which was "Test notes".
> The above error is followed with a dialog with Element.hide ("note") then
> show(note-row), update ()..
> I'm using FF3 if that is relevant.

In development mode it reports JS errors like you're seeing... Logged ->

> b) When editing the records the large domains,* there is no way to choose
> the sorting in the "Domain RR" section* (which may have thousands of
> entries: I personally can have 1-200).

I'm feeling your pains as of late. This has been logged before, please chime
in on the comments so I can get it sorted ->

> c) Since all RRs are shown, a domain with thousands of entries will be very
> slow to show?

110% correct. That view needs a lot of TLC to clean up the cruft and
implement some better JS to keep the HTML small. Opening up that page over
SSL is even worse, since the browsers don't cache images delivered over

I've been meaning to move the UI over to jQuery, which should make this a

> d) When adding "new Record", there is no way to add appropriate reverse PTR
> records automatically. I realise this is not so trivial, probably a separate
> discussion is needed..

Also logged before ->

Like I mention in the ticket, I have no idea what is involved in managing
PTR records, what the validations are, etc. Please jump on that ticket, I'm
curious to get it in, and get it right.

> e) Authentication of GUI users in LDAP or ActiveDirectory would be nice :-)

Pardon me for admitting that would be very low priority at this stage. But
you're more than welcome to log a ticket for it. If the pressure grows,
well, what can I do? :)

Thanks Sean, your feedback is worth gold.

Just to note that I'll be offline from around 15:00 GMT today till Monday
morning to attend a local music festival out in the middle of nowhere. I'll
tackle the tickets from Monday onwards.


Kenneth Kalmer
kenneth.kalmer at gmail.com
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