[Pdns-users] Project back-end admin for powerdns

Sean Boran sean at boran.com
Thu Apr 23 09:18:45 UTC 2009

Some more feedback,

a) When editing a domain "notes", I got "RJS Error: Type Error: element is
null", but it still save the text I added, which was "Test notes".
The above error is followed with a dialog with Element.hide ("note") then
show(note-row), update ()..
I'm using FF3 if that is relevant.

b) When editing the records the large domains,* there is no way to choose
the sorting in the "Domain RR" section* (which may have thousands of
entries: I personally can have 1-200).

c) Since all RRs are shown, a domain with thousands of entries will be very
slow to show?

d) When adding "new Record", there is no way to add appropriate reverse PTR
records automatically. I realise this is not so trivial, probably a separate
discussion is needed..

e) Authentication of GUI users in LDAP or ActiveDirectory would be nice :-)


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