[Pdns-users] per-domain or per-backend cache?

crayon crayon at leechbox.net
Mon Apr 6 20:43:05 UTC 2009


I'm using PowerDNS with geo and gmysql backends. Everything is
functional, except one catch:

I have to turn off caches to make the geo backend worth while. With the
cache off, mysql gets queried lots and takes much more CPU time.

Turning on the mysql query cache in my.cnf helps, but it's still much
more CPU than if I let PowerDNS do the cache. I have CPU to spare, but I
assume this  will ultimately affect latency of replies.

I was thinking it would be useful if  PowerDNS had cache options for
specific backends or specific domains. Is such a feature planned and/or

Is anyone else using gmysql and geo backends and have some way to help
keep mysql under control?

Thanks in advance.

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