[Pdns-users] bind backend as superslave

Samuel Vogel samydelux at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 12:47:59 UTC 2008

Pawel Sawicki schrieb:
> It does work just fine. I use it on all of my slave DNS servers.
Great, you have made my day :)
> See:
> # pdns_server --help=bind
This is really strange. I was just searching around for half an hour 
since the above command as did not seem to give any output. Guess i had 
a typo there...

So now this is clarified I do have a some questions about the configuration:
What does the named.conf file for "bind-supermaster-config" need to contain?
And I guess I can just point "bind-supermaster-destdir", to the 
directory where my named.conf is lying right?
Do I need to set "bind-config" ?
And since I want to set up exclusive superslaves I can probably savely 
set "bind-check-interval" to 0, right?

Thanks in advance for any answers!


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