[Pdns-users] OpenDBX Backend and serial numbers.

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Tue Oct 21 22:23:45 UTC 2008

Hi Max

>  I'm using the OpenDBX backend, and by default it generates serial
> numbers as it should. However I want to use the notified_serial field in
> the database. How shoud the sql queries for opendbx-sql-list be changed?

You are using quite interesting queries ;-)

The serials are not generated by the server if you doesn't use 
the "autoserial" feature which should be in the latest SVN trunk and the 
notified_serial field is only set in the slaves if I remember correctly. The 
serial has to be part of the "content" field if you want to build it from 
external sources (or in the domains.auto_serial field for the version from 
trunk if the serial in the content field is 0).

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