[Pdns-users] Nameservers are same domain as a domain that uses them - subdomains don't work!

Chet Nichols III chet.nichols at gmail.com
Sun May 4 05:57:13 UTC 2008

Hey Brandon-
I see what you're saying. For example, with your current problem, let's say
you were using BIND.. in your zone file, if you had something like:

blog IN A

You're saying that doesn't work. But when you do something like this:

blog.mysportsite.com. IN A

That works.. that's all you're saying, and you're trying to figure out what
the issue is, right?

To be honest, it just sounds like a config issue. What are you using as the
backend for your domains? If you're using bind zone files, you might just
have a typo in your named.conf so that @ isn't being set how you want it. Do
you have something like this in named.conf:

zone "mysportsite.com" IN {
 type master;
 file "whatever_file.zone";
 ... blah blah more here?

A long time back I had an issue where I had a typo in my zone definition
(ie: zone "mysportsite.cpm" IN) and it was throwing everything off, because
'blog' would be interpreted as blog.mysportsite.cpm since @ is the value for
whatever is named for the zone.

But, if you're not using bind files as a backend, then I don't know what to
tell you- probably a similar issue. I've played around with pdns using the
mysql backend too, but never for anything production- we mostly use the
recursor for our environment.

Hopefully this helped out a bit- if you want I can play around with the
authoritative server on my side and see if I can reproduce the issue. Care
to share any more configs that could be looked at?



On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 4:46 AM, Hugo van der Kooij <
hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org> wrote:

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> Brandon Aubie wrote:
> | When I define a zone for blog.mysportsite.com then it works perfectly.
> | When I simply have an A record for blog under the mysportsite.com zone,
> | then blog.mysportsite.com returns NXDOMAIN.  That's why I'm confused.
> You have to do much better then that. You need to show exactly the
> complete zones in questions because you now give only little pieces of
> information which in effect tell us nothing.
> But from my point of view it looks ok now:
> [hvdkooij at frodo ~]$ dig blog.mysportsite.com @NS1.MYSPORTSITE.COM a
> blog.mysportsite.com.   3600    IN      A
> You need to clarify yourself in much greater detail if you expect
> further assistance here.
> Hugo.
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