Re: [Pdns-users] superslaves sharing a common mysql backend?

Nico van Royen nico at
Wed Mar 5 20:21:36 UTC 2008

Should work.

We also have a seperate DNS network running with 6 powerdns and although the actual mysql database is local to each machine, it is infact the same database as all these 6 databases are replicated through a multi-master setup.


From: Mathew Hennessy [mailto:pdns at]
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Subject: Re: [Pdns-users] superslaves sharing a common mysql backend?

  Augie Schwer wrote:
  > On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 8:46 AM, Mathew Hennessy <pdns at>
  > wrote:
  >>     I was wondering if it was safe to configure multiple superslave
  >> servers
  >>  to point to the same slave mysql DB?  I've currently got a sqlite3
  >> backend
  >>  in testing, but deleting domains from the master doesn't automatically
  >>  delete them from superslaves so I'd prefer to have a setup where I can
  >>  automate domain deletes as much as possible.
  > Domains do not automatically expire out of PowerDNS, so you will need
  > to do your own cleanup.
  I know, but if I have a mysql backend to the superslave instead of sqlite3,
  I can do deletes off the superslave backend database remotely.  The question
  is, is there any reason why I can't simply point all superslaves to the same
  mysql superslave db and have it work properly?
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