[Pdns-users] TinyDNS backend for PowerDNS

Radek Hladik radek-pdns at eadresa.cz
Fri Mar 14 15:56:27 UTC 2008

Hi all,
	I've noticed the request for TinyDNS backend for PowerDNS in TODO list 
and I've decided to code something like that. The good news are that the 
backend is in beta state and looks working, the bad news are that its 
written in PHP using Pipe Backend. I really do not like C or C++ and my 
C/C++ skills are adequate that fact.
	The main disadvantage is that the PHP backend is a little memory 
demanding, but nothing extra terrible. For basic performance estimates 
see the project page.
	See http://powerdns.cybersales.cz/ for more details, download, etc... I 
would like to receive any feedback, ideas, etc... The code still needs a 
lot of work and improvements but should be working.

Radek Hladik

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