[Pdns-users] powerdns master, bind slave, slave not updating...

Mathew Hennessy pdns at unixslave.com
Mon Mar 3 22:58:18 UTC 2008

I've tried converting from BIND9 to PowerDNS configured as a slave with
opendbx/sqlite3, and I'm still not getting any love.  How can I trick the
master into not sending SERVFAIL for this demonstration setup?

Deadline...  getting... closer.....

Mathew Hennessy wrote:
> Hi,
>      I'm in the process of evaluating PowerDNS (2.9.21 src tarball built
> on Solaris 10) and while I've gotten my bind zones imported into a gmysql
> default-template backend and it responds correctly, and I've been able to
> point a slave BIND (9.4.1-P1) to it and have it acquire initial zones, it
> never seems to update based on serial changes when left alone or HUPd. 
> The original config was pointing to a BIND master, all I did was do a vi
> search/replace in its named.conf to change the BIND master IP to the
> PowerDNS master IP.
> The errors I'm getting in syslog on the powerdns master are:
> Feb 29 16:40:20 powerdns-dev pdns[13444]: [ID 702911 daemon.warning] Not
> authoritative for 'hfnmag.com', sending servfail to
> On the slave side:
> 29-Feb-2008 16:42:55.680 general: info: zone hfnmag.com/IN: refresh:
> unexpected rcode (SERVFAIL) from master (source
> I know PowerDNS doesn't set authoritative flags, and this box is an eval
> (dev) server at this point so nobody in whois will ever know about it.  I
> am not trying to run recursion in any way, I just want a proof-of-concept
> so I can show my management that PowerDNS will be able to take over for
> our master DNS and pass zones onto BIND slaves until such time as we
> migrate the slaves to PowerDNS at our leisure.
> How can I get this BIND slave to actually refresh its zones off the master
> without wiping the zone files and start/stopping named in cron? 
> Any help appreciated!
> -- Matt
> config files (with some edits)
>  http://www.nabble.com/file/p15768835/named.conf named.conf 
>  http://www.nabble.com/file/p15768835/pdns.conf pdns.conf 

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