[Pdns-users] Superslave not working with sqlite3

Mauro Calderara mcalderara at phys.ethz.ch
Wed Jul 9 07:41:10 UTC 2008

Hi everyone

When asking on the IRC channel yesterday 'ahu' told me to send the  
request to the mailinglist. So here we go:

I run pdns 2.9.21, freebsd 7.0, sqlite 3.5.6, compiled from the  
FreeBSD ports-tree. I try to have a bind9 host act as a hidden  
supermaster for some zones. The supermaster is recorded in the  
supermasters-table, but when it sends its notifies powerdns goes:

Jul  9 00:10:17 auth0 pdns[980]: gsqlite3: connection to '/var/db/ 
sqlite3/powerdns.sqlite3' succesful
Jul  9 00:10:17 auth0 last message repeated 2 times
Jul  9 00:10:25 auth0 pdns[980]: Received NOTIFY for domain.tld from for which we are not authoritative
Jul  9 00:10:25 auth0 pdns[980]: Backend error: Database error trying  
to insert new slave 'domain.tld': Error while retrieving SQLite query  

And of course I get a srvfail when querying the server for the domain.

This is, I think, the same as described in http://www.nabble.com/sqlite3-superslave---doesn%27t-work-td13827119.html

In the thread referred to, someone sent a patch and the thread stops  
without stating whether it works or is accepted upstream, so I wanted  
to check for the status of this. I also tested with a svn-version from  
20080625 (also from FreeBSD Ports) and got exactly the same error.

In case the configuration is of relevance, mine is very simple, it  


Thanks in advance,

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